Research and data give dramatic content marketing and SEO results

Simple facts and interesting research data could fetch an immense traffic to your site and also provide remarkable results in content marketing and SEO.Collecting data is not a tough task but it should be unique and not be the usual one.

Always give an interesting data to writers
Writers need interesting data to make their articles go viral and also remember to befriend the town’s best bloggers. Never forget to bring some drama, action,thriller and climax in your content, after all, the content marketing can offer traffic to your website. Interesting data from research could be of great help to the writers and bloggers.
Kill your laziness and start investing more time in research
Interesting statistics and facts could bring more to the table than long stories.The readers would like to invest time in authentic and true data and hence, do some worthy research and provide interesting facts to the local writers.

Performing good research is must!
Do not forget to invest time in an advanced research because it requires a collection of interesting facts and statistical information as well. Always remember good data would provide back links and traffic to your website.
Great data is not enough to do wonders
Great data cannot alone help you with marketing strategies because you will need an extraordinary designers’ team to incorporate the content in an appropriate way.Hence, you also need a good product to grab attention from the global audience!

Key Aspects Of Local SEO

The most challenging task in a marketing business is launching a local SEO campaign. Some fail in local businesses as they don’t have a clear view of how to begin the business.
Here are some important factors that should be implemented for the success of local SEO.

Include NAP (Name, Address &Phone number):
One of the most important tasks in the local SEO campaign is to add name,address and phone number in every page of business website. It is necessary to display the NAP in the same format in all pages.
Including NAP within the website will allow Google to show the necessary informations to add the website within SERP’s local pack.

Mobile optimization:
Most of the google searches took place in mobile devices and popular wearable devices like smart watches. Always there will be frequent searches if mobile optimization is followed.
Use mobile friendly contents,so that your website will be displayed in the top when a user types any keyword related to your content, as it has been optimized for mobile viewing.

Acquire ‘Google my business’:
Use of Google my Business will help local business to stand out in the entire startups. This helps the business to be displayed in a variety of Google services when customers search for the business services. It is essential to fill the listing with detailed informations regarding the business.

Link building:
High quality links always seem essential for building links. One of the advantages of local SEO includes forming a perfect partnership between two firms that help them in social sharing functions.

Review serves as one of the best technique for getting website ranking. Including a link to website viewers for quick review is easy, instead of reaching customers for reviews. It also creates a positive image towards the business brand.

Ten SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided

To make your website stand out in the crowd of websites, SEO is very essential but still it makes some mistakes which should be avoided and they are listed below:

Little focus on content:
People search for your website based on the contents displayed, so it is essential to go with more creative contents with videos, images and much more.

Over focus on SEO:
Reaching the top of search ranking can be made simple by using keywords in your contents. Mention the keywords better than making it more. Keyword stuffing may also lower down the ranking of the site.

No judgement about readers:
It is very essential to know about the type of readers who visit your website and the purpose of their search. Google serves as the best to match content with relevant searches, so it is essential to know about readers and frame contents accordingly.

Plagiarised contents:
Taking contents from other websites is illegal and it will result in low search rankings. In some cases the entire website will be blocked from showing off in the search result.

Usage of dublicate contents:
Google always wants to be original, so it will rank the content only if there is no identical copy of the content in another website.

Avoiding tags:
Tags gives a view about the page and it will be displayed in the visitor’s browser tab and google search results, so tag is very essential.

Complicated navigation:
Users will use the websites which are clear and easy to click but google prefers simple navigation, so making the navigation simple will help the website to get more ranking.

Ignoring mobile optimization:
Nowadays, most of the searches took place in mobile so google gives more preference to websites that are mobile optimized.

Dismissing SEO optimisation for images:
Google prefers websites which give clear, descriptive file name and a text that explains about the images.

Focusing more on traffic:
A website’s success depends on the suitable contents for audience’s services and problems rather than traffic.

Importance Of Local SEO

A number of entrepreneurs and marketers are already taking advantage of the local SEO benefits.So, let’s have a short discussion about the advantages of using Local SEO in a few points:

Exposure in local area:
The local SEO will target people in the area where the company is launched.This acts a great tool for small scale business owners to enrich their business.
Some of the local resources include Angie’s list, Craig’s list and Yelp. It really benefits, if the images and videos uploaded in these sites are of good quality.

Social sharing and builds link:
Forming a perfect partnership between two firms serves as one of the best advantage of local SEO, which also helps them in social sharing functions.
It helps marketers to meet their client to have a positive approach in their business. Possibilities of meeting bloggers and website owners is necessary for the profit making and it can be fulfilled by local SEO.

Popularity of wearable devices and smartphones:
Most of the google searches took place in mobile devices and popular wearable devices like smart watches.As these two are very popular, always there will be frequent searches.

Business Expansion:
The local SEO enables the users to interact with your business.This interaction makes it easier to locate and know about the business webpage and updating valuable contents helps in business growth.

Profit maker:
Local SEO will help in profit making and online exposure, if all the above steps are followed properly.Site traffic can be increased if it is displayed in the top of search engine results.

Google shaped SEO for getting more advantages

 Google recently shaped the SEO strategies for business communities for getting best results in online business.There are mainly three tactics that are found to be really helpful for gaining more advantages in search engine optimization process.


  1. Knowing more about latest updates

 It is essential to learn more about the latest updates of Google algorithms for implementing them perfectly.

Moreover, it gives ways for diverting more traffic to a website quickly to get maximum visibility in the search engines.


  1. Identifying right keywords

Keywords provide opportunities for enhancing brand reputation in the markets. At the same time, it is advisable to choose them carefully for experiencing desired outputs in SEO.

Business companies can also do a research on them which gives ways for targeting audience both in local and international markets.


  1. Improving SEO knowledge

 Sometimes, a poor SEO might damage the reputation of a website. Hence, it is necessary to improve the skills for carrying out the techniques accordingly. Gain more seo knowledge by subscribing to seo updates from

It is essential to have a sound knowledge on SEO practices including latest trends for meeting exact requirements in search engine page rankings.

Google says that implementing search engine optimizations with right tactics will certain help to maximize the rate of investments. It also gives importance to high quality user oriented content to grow business in the markets.

Hence, it is advisable to focus more on them for enhancing success in online business to earn high income.

People who are willing to execute the services should hire services from a professional company for witnessing major changes.

10 tips for making online marketing and local SEO campaigns a successful one

Illustration of grunge chalkboard, blackboard texture background.

Nowadays, more customers search the internet for knowing details about a product before going to a local shop. As technologies are developing at rapid levels, many business firms are willing to make their online marketing and local SEO campaigns a successful one for augmenting sales.

The following tips will really help to boost the business in digital devices and other media for targeting audience while promoting a brand.


  1. Creating profile online

It is essential to create an account in local search engines for reaching customers easily. All of them involve straight verification process which provides opportunities for developing business in quick turnaround time.


  1. Submitting high quality images

Business companies should focus more on uploading high quality images that are relevant to a brand. This will be helpful for creating best impressions on the customers.


  1. Taking control over the information

It is important to take control over the information in the local listing services.  Business firms should ensure the correctness of details on the internet for overcoming complications.


  1. Reviews hold the key

Reviews play a significant role in SEO which paves ways for creating awareness about the brands. Moreover, they encourage online business to generate maximum revenues.


  1. Bad reviews are good

It is generally said that bad reviews will damage the reputation of a company. However, they are good for a business to correct the mistakes.


  1. Providing local phone number

Business organizations should provide local phone numbers in their websites with text formats for reaching customers easily.


  1. Updating address

It is an imperative one to update the address of a business firm in the website which paves ways for growing business.


  1. Acting like a customer

Business companies must make sure that their website contains essential information when executing promotional activities. It is also necessary to choose keywords that exactly match a business along with SEO applications.


  1. Multiple pages are necessary for multiple locations

Businesses that are having multiple locations should create a separate web page for each location to target the audience easily.


  1. Catering the needs of customers

 Business organizations should cater the needs of customers while searching products over the internet.

For knowing more tips, one can consult with a leading search engine optimization company for achieving goals.






How to improve a website in SEO with big data?


The primary objective of search engine optimization is to improve rankings of ecommerce and other websites in major search engines for reaching a wider audience. At the same time, it is an imperative one to implement SEO techniques with big data for making smarter decisions in a business. Data play a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance of a website to reach high levels. Moreover, it helps to grow business in the markets to increase sales.

Some of the big data tools are given below which provides opportunities for making websites a familiar one among visitors.


  1. Analyzing biggest competitors

Business firms should focus more on evaluating their biggest competitors in the markets which gives ways for targeting audience with latest trends. Another advantage is that it helps to create awareness about brands among customers to generate high conversion rates.


  1. Knowing the exact keywords

Anyone who wants to know the keywords of their competitors can use latest tools for executing SEO techniques accordingly. SEMRush is a powerful tool that paves methods for extracting the keywords quickly to eliminate competition levels. It also comes with some other advanced features to meet exact requirements in website auditing.


  1. Identifying audience

It is an imperative one to analyze the interests of customers before executing SEO services. This will be extremely useful for overcoming challenges in the markets to experience desired outputs.


  1. Optimizing a website

After collecting all the details, business firms can optimize their websites with latest techniques for creating everlasting impressions on visitors.

Big data along with SEO makes feasible ways for ensuring better results in search engine page rankings. However, it is necessary to seek guidance from experts before carrying out the services.


Latest news on SEO:  Bing goes mobile friendly


Bing is a search engine that is widely used in most countries for targeting customers both in local and international markets. It recently introduced the launching of mobile testing tools for business organizations to get a better exposure while carrying out promotional activities.

However, these tools are not launched by Bing over the recent years due to various factors and provide methods for checking web pages with certain applications including SEO. Some of them include text readability, content width, spacing of links and incompatible plug- ins.

All the above features will work on all types of mobile platforms for generating high revenues in a business. Webmasters make necessary changes for meeting exact requirements while updating a website page. As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, it is essential to track a website for getting high conversion rates. With Bing mobile testing tools, it is possible to improve the rankings of websites in major search engines with SEO for experiencing a maximum visibility.

Moreover, it is possible to enhance the users experience with them for accomplishing goals to a larger extent.  Mobile apps are growing over the recent years and Bing has made it clear that the tools will certainly help to boost business in the markets. Apart from that, they give ways for meeting exact requirements in SEO. Another advantage is that it is possible to post ads with them to cover a wider audience. Users will also be able to get a better experience while browsing a website in various types of mobile phones.